But is it… Comic Aht? #3


80 p. – b&w (+ a few full colour p.) – 20,5 x 26,5 cm – saddle stitched.
Domino Books – 2021

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A new print magazine about comics.
“Online criticism and discussion is important, but fades away extremely quickly and seems driven by argument rather than reflection. <…> So, this publication is an attempt to try to do justice to the artists and implications of our favorite medium with a degree of dedication and focus that cartooning deserves.” (Austin English)

This issue features:
-front cover by Zak Sally
-a feature interview with Steven creator Doug Allen
-a career retrospective interview with Mary Fleener by Tim Goodyear
-Matthew Thurber’s Picturebox memoir
-an oral history of the Bay Area comics collective Puppy Toss
-archival interview with Dylan Williams by Jason T Miles
-an in depth conversation about what mini comics distribution is and isn’t, with John Porcellino
-new comics on comics by Andrea Lukic
-Industry commentary by Victor Cayro
-An interview with E.V. Glenn by T Edward Bak
-Aaron Renier and Jessica Campbell on Tintin
-Auto bio comics on comics by David King
-Tim Goodyear mini comics round up
-Keith Jones on forgotten comics of the past
-Ariel Cooper on why she makes comics
-Clara Bessijelle on dreaming about comics
-Spot drawings by Stella Murphy and Cameron Forsley
-Back cover by Aidan Koch