Copycat – Helen Borten


48 p. – pantone colours – 18 x 25,5 cm – hardcover.
Happy Books Press – 2021 – ISBN 9781911081142

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Helen Borten’ s Copycat tells the tale of Algernon Longwhisker the Third, a dissatisfied cat who tries to live up to his illustrious forebears by imitating every other animal on the farm, gaining the nickname “Copycat” in the process. After failing as a rooster, a sheep, a bird, a squirrel and finally a tree, Copycat discovers that to find his place in the world and be loved, he just has to be himself.

Originally published in 1962, Copycat returns to print for the first time in decades to delight a new generation of readers with its warm, vivid images that will capture children’s imaginations. Happy Books Press have restored the original Pantone spot colours to produce a beautiful new edition that is as true to the original as possible.