Extra-Végétalia 1 – Gwénola Carrère


80 p. – full colour – 24,5 x 33 cm – softcover.
Les requins marteaux – 2022 – ISBN 9791094442241

Language: wordless

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At the edge of the universe, a little to the left of our galaxy, a few stars and a black hole stand next to the small planet Vegetalia. Its surface conditions are much the same as those on Earth: craters, volcanoes, seas and streams. It is home to a lush jungle of gigantic, perennial tropical plants that flourish with animal power. In this mystical and fertile setting, a society made up of women lives peacefully, until the day when, projected from who knows what vortex, a wounded man appears on the beach…
Gwenola Carrère, a talented visual artist, unfolds here the first part of a lush tale very freely inspired by the feminist novel Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1915). With its wild and erotic style, the book is reminiscent of adventurers’ tales and early fantasy novels, and reminds us that even for seasoned explorers, the most virgin lands are those of the heart.