F – Imai Arata


224 p. – b&w – 15 x 21 cm – softcover.
Glacier Bay Books – 2021 – ISBN 9781953629098

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The tsunami and nuclear meltdowns of 2011 seem like yesterday. Wreckage still litters Japan’s coastline. Fukushima’s fields are piled high with contaminated soil. Tohoku, northern Japan, furious about how they have been treated by Tokyo, has seceded from the union. The rebels, known as the Nihonmatsu Front, are battling the more heavily armed Japanese government along the southern border of Fukushima. Meanwhile, they are being overwhelmed internally by a faction who call themselves the State of F. Composed of radicalized Tohoku natives and foreign guerrillas, the black-clad F knows only absolute obedience and cutthroat terror.