Flesh and Bone – John Sibbick


40 p. (concertina) – b&w – 14 x 23,5 cm (fold).
Nobrow – 2011.

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John Sibbick is a self described palaeoartist and a superb draughtsman of these historically accurate reconstructions of the prehistoric period with all its animals and flora & fauna.

John Sibbick’s concertina book gives you an intimate look at what animals you may have actually seen or at least have seen photographs of, look like on the inside. In the great spirit of those diagrammatic natural history books, John brings back the sense of wonder the natural world holds in all its awe inspiring complexity. Flesh and Bone folds out to a 36 cm double-sided panorama. One side displays the animals as they appear in nature (with some playful twists) and the other side shows those same animals stripped down to bone. 

The concertina can be coloured in, left as is, read or folded out and displayed on your mantlepiece.