Kutlul #14


64 p. – b&w – 17 x 24 cm – saddle stitched.
Published in the Summer of 2021.
Language: English or wordless + 7 p. in Dutch and 1 p. in German

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Kutlul is a quarterly publication featuring underground comic illustrators contributing a page or more to each issue. If you want a taste of the underground comics scene of Berlin and NL and more, this is the magazine to pick up!

Contributors to this issue are: Dirk Verschure, Andy Leuenberger, Vera Bekema, Teddy T. & Glenn Peeters, Emil Korngold, Martien Bos, Marcel Ruijters, Lilli Loge, Mykle Hansen, Argibald, Crippa XXX Almqvist & Marc van Elburg, Vanita & Johanna Monk, Bas van Tuijl, Mustafa Kandaz, Dhr. H. Neipold, Markus Lesmeister, Al Burian, Christopher Sperandio, Ewan Cameron, Mat Pogo, Japio de la Hiti,, Daniele Murtas, Crippa XXX Almqvist & Adrian Abudraham, Christopher Sperandio, Mark Colle (Back cover). Front cover by Joost Halbertsma.