Le Gull Yettin – Joe Kessler


216 p. – full colour – 14 x 19 cm – softcover met flappen.
L’Association – 2022 – ISBN 9782844148865

Without words

Op voorraad


There are probably a thousand ways to tell a Joe Kessler book. To enjoy reading it, one must be willing to surrender to the flamboyant colours and the frantic, enigmatic narrative of his stories. The Gull Yettin is an astonishing blend of prosaic and mythical elements, and the story is entirely silent, propelling us into a world that is both magical and familiar.

The Gull Yettin features the spirit of a seagull, a small child and a woman. There is an explosion, a river of lava, a large, gangly and disturbing bird with speckled fur and a straw hat, pee on a bowl, a train journey, revenge, a bunch of kids, enchanting nature, waves, cruelty and tenderness.

Using felt-tip pens, pencils, computers or watercolours, Joe Kessler mixes techniques in an expressionist and unbridled style to evoke a child’s run, the reflection of a train in a meandering river, the sparks of an explosion or the reassuring glow of a window in the night. With Le Gull Yettin, he signs a sensory and bewitching stroll with a lively rhythm.