Moomin on the Riviera – Tove Jansson


48 p. – full colour – 22 x 15,5 cm – softcover.
Enfant (Drawn & Quarterly) – 2018 – ISBN 9781770461697

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As springtime dawns in Moominvalley and the first northern crocus opens, Moominpappa and Snorkmaiden, glamorized by the prospects of movie stars and gambling, insist the whole family take a trip down to the Riviera. Reluctantly Moomin and Moominmamma agree to go along, and the Moomins set off on a grand adventure, complete with butlers, luxury shops, indoor swimming pools, and duels at dawn. With their innocent curiosity about everything, the Moomins prove the perfect foil for the cynical, world-weary residents of the Riviera.