Snapshots – Philip Paquet


48 p. – black + one pantone colour – 21 x 27,5 cm – softcover.
Bries – 2003 – ISBN 9789076708157


Philip Paquet celebrates his passion for jazz in five short stories. In The Bird as Remembered by Miles Da Cat, Miles Davis tells about the virtuosity and the dark sides of Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker. A Duke Named Ellington pictures an interview with Duke Ellington. In The Portrait, a longer crime story, we meet painter William Henry Johnson in the tumultuous multicultural New York of the twenties. For Diggin’ the Grave, we go to a pre-war Germany where a jewish girl is introduced to American music. Renaissance has the author himself as protagonist. Paquet tells about his main passions – music and drawing – and how his examples inspire him to play and draw.