Stilleben – ATAK


144 p. – full colour – 24,5 x 32,5 cm – hardcover.
Verlag Antje Kunstmann – 2022 – ISBN 9783956144899

Introduction in German and English.


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Stilleben / Still lives / Natures mortes

In the studio of the Berlin artist ATAK, the boxes are stacked with countless collected things, from old comic figures to valuable masks from all over the world. They find their way into the paintings, into still lifes. But there they are no longer quiet, they can – as ATAK says, »also be very loud. And tell something.«

In his pictures, ATAK transforms the traditional still life art genre into a colourful pop art homage. He gets his inspiration from the popular world: from poetry albums, circus posters, from bizarre children’s toys.
The brightly coloured flowers in ornate vases draw viewers into the picture as if drawn in by their intoxicating scents, as do the birds and the occasional insect. The cartoon characters, on the other hand, look at us as if they want to tell a story and draw attention to the many hidden references.