Suspect Device #2


120 p. – b&w (+ 16 full colour p.) – 20 x 27 cm – softcover.
Published in 2012

Op voorraad


Listed as one of the best comics of 2012, this issue features the cut-up reappropriation of old comics. This one features homages to Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy and Jim Davis’s Garfield by a team of 74 Indie artists. 

Contributors are offered, at random, two panels from a Nancy or Garfield strip and asked to build a story around those panels. “Bayer chooses some of the best storytellers in comics for the project and the result isn’t simply pure fun (though it is often that) but also a fascinating look at how comics are built around and how they can be rebuilt from the inside.” (Austin English)

Contributors: Jon Vermilyea, Keenan Keller, Evan Dent, Josh Bayer, Pat Aulisio, Johnny Ryan, Box Brown, Nikki Burch, Caroline Paquita & Mike Taylor, Edwin Vazquez, Stephen Maurice Graham, Jess Ruliffson, Noah Lyon, Thomas Toye, Sabin Calvert, Seth Mulvey, Sergio Zuniga, Mike Sgier, Jojo Sherrow, KC Green, Brendan Leach, Sam Spina, Leah Wishnia, Daniel Stiner, Dre Grigoropol, Kelly Larson, Jon Sperry, Jennifer Kanis, Marc J Palm, Eric Lyle, Elizabeth Bethea, Kelly Froh, Gino Barzizza, Tom Hart, Carrie Bren, Justin Marquis, Jude Killory, Donna Gallers, Heather Benjamin, Jon Light, Sam Gaskin, Pat Moriarity, Evan Dent, Josh Burggraf, Co-co Roy Rodgers, Muriel Bellini, Alabaster, Nate Doyle, Sam Henderson, Lizz Hickey, Mike Freiheit, Mykl Sivak, Cody Pickrodt, Anne Emond, Beka Mari, Jeff Swagerman, Claudie Gravel, Frances Pollitzer, Issac Peterson, David Jablow, Kevin Scalzo, Jimmy Giegerich, Dunja Jankovic, Domitille Collardey, Ed Choy, Dawn Frasch, Leroy, Victor Kerlow, Max Clotfelter, Nate Bulmer, Noah Van Sciver, Dane Martin, Brian Ralph, Chuck Forsman.
Edited by Josh Bayer and copy edited By Edwin Vazquez.