The Crater – Osamu Tezuka


576 p. – b&w – 15 x 21 cm – softcover.
DMP – 2022 – ISBN 9781569703557

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A man from the slums faces his doppelganger from the other side of the tracks; three guests visiting a hot spring are reminded of their past sins by a magical ringing bell only they can hear; stranded on the moon, an astronaut is stuck within a crater, sustained for a century by a mysterious life-giving gaseous fume the moon crater expels.
The Crater is a collection of self-contained short stories, ranging from horror, mystery, to science fiction. While some stories loosely connect, each story is its own carefully laid experience. Tezuka will chill readers with dark visages of the world counterpointed with his amazing art style that has influenced fans for decades.