Tomas Redrey


160 p. – full colour – 23,5 x 17 cm – hardcover.
Cover printed in two colours (burgundy, silkscreened and gold, hot foil printing) on linen.
Bries – 2022 – ISBN 9789461740380
Limited print run of 500 copies.





Tomas Redrey, born and raised in Antwerp (B), started getting into tattoos some 15 years ago and has been building an ever-growing reputation since. He opened up his own tattoo shop “Brabo’s Hand” together with his good mate Younes in 2010.

We’re proud to announce the first ever book with Tomas Redrey’s artwork. This beautifully designed book – many thanks to Gerard Leysen|Afrreux – collects a selection of tattoo designs Tomas Redrey painted over the last five years with the purpose to be displayed around the walls and windows of Brabo’s Hand. Also included are some pictures of antiques and memorabilia which are often used as a reference or inspiration to shape his iconography.

PS Every now and then you can see / hear Tomas Redrey perform as a DJ too!