Vu, Lu! – Collectif


96 p. – full colour – 21,5 x 28,5 cm – linen hardcover.
Editions 2024 – 2014 – ISBN  9782919242153

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Vu, lu! is a celebration of the drawn letter. From the Middle Ages to today, typographers and illustrators have produced astonishing alphabets, chic, strange or sometimes monstrous. Between calligrams, pangrams and other typographical celebrations, Vu, Lu! is an invitation to rediscover the letter as an image.

The story of this typographic catalog is surprising and deserves to be told: November 1944, Strasbourg is finally liberated by the allies. Reconstruction is underway. As war damages, the city received purchase vouchers which enabled her to acquire, in the 1970s, the Soennecken collection – a private collection of calligraphy which had belonged to the German industrialist Friedrich Soennecken (manufacturer of pens and office tools). This magnificent collection slept for many years on some forgotten shelves of the National University Library of Strasbourg before being brought back to light by several projects initiated by the city, including that of publishing, with the complicity of Editions 2024, an alphabet book. Also in Vu, Lu!: recent letters designed and drawn by ten talented illustrators: Guillaume Chauchat, Simon Thompson, Juliette Binet, Clara Markman, Christophe Jacquet, Joëlle Merizen, Clément Paurd and Marie Saarbach.