Wobby #14 Labyrinth


40 p. – 17 x 25 cm – saddle stitched.
Wobby.club – ISBN 9781151035257 – Edition of 400

Language: English

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Wobby is a risograph illustration and literature quarterly that harnesses humour, ideas, rebellion, and style. Featuring breakthrough international artists and writers, Wobby is defiantly analogue and bursting with colour and attitude.

Contributors: Youri Alvites, A.H.J. Dautzenberg, Wayne Horse, Laurent Impeduglia, Jeroen de Leijer, Nick Liefhebber, Joost Pollmann, Marjolein Schalk, Jasmijn ter Stege, Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein, L.H. Wiener, Zane Ziemeša.
Cover: Nick Liefhebber