WREK NOT WORK – Olivier Deprez


3 saddle stitched booklets in a cardboard case – b&w and two colours – 17 x 23 cm.
Frémok – – ISBN 9782873060047
(Edition of 300)

Language: French (first notebook) + wordless/few French words) (the other notebook)

Op voorraad


WREK NOT WORK was published at the occasion of Olivier Deprez’ exhibition in the Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels.
Much more than an exhibition catalogue, WREK NOT WORK is an object that stands on its own. It contains three separate notebooks.

The first notebook consists of an interview between Jan Baetens, Professor at KU Leuven, and Olivier Deprez. Together, the teacher and the artist evoke in a theoretical and practical way wood engraving, the materiality of Olivier’s work, the influences operating on it, Olivier’s vision of his own work, the place of the WREK project within his work, etc. Under the microphone of Jan Baetens, Olivier Deprez delivers without concession. This booklet also includes a biography of the artist, and the words of the curators of the exhibition, in order to replace the place of the museum and the exhibition device in the composition.
The second notebook (‘WREK’) presents selected excerpts from the WREK NOT WORK project and a presentation of the project.
The third notebook (‘NOISE’) presents the fruit of joint work between Olivier Deprez and Adolpho Avril, a mentally challenged artist residing at the Lierneux psychiatric hospital with whom Olivier had already composed ‘Après la Mort, après la vie’. The notebook includes photos of the engraved prints made with four hands, as well as a presentation of the NOISE GRAVURE project.